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  • EK is an online business management platform

    EK is the result of more than 10 years of development. From beginning, it has been focused on end user experience. It always kept in mind simplicity and efficiency, avoiding complex solutions that are difficult to use or require heavy training. EK is a series of tools that answer the daily operation needs of your company.

  • Why would you benefit from our solution?

    It helps people in organizing their tasks, to share information across offices, improve efficiency and business continuity. With better and modern management system, you can maximize your business value, spend less time on spreadsheets and more on your development: faster response to market demand, precise knowledge of your costs, increased productivity and teamwork, better mobility.

  • EK comes with ready to use modules that cover essential business management and business data.

    From sales to HR, project management or finance and reporting.

    The solution is fully modular and can be extended easily to better fit your business. It also takes into account users access management and security.

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Ready to use

EK can be deployed quickly. Its ready to use modules will bring the simple solutions you need to start manage your company.


the modular and open source architecture of EK makes it particularly easy to adjust to your business vision and needs.


From as low as 15 USD/month per user *.



EK will come with support to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

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  • Mobile application
  • Mobile sales data
  • Mobile products and services
  • Mobile project management
  • Mobile documents
  • Mobile cost tracking

From desktop to mobile get in touch with your business

Mobile user

EK integrates best practices and tools into modern office management experience. Forget about spreadsheets and tedious data researches. With EK you can organize your work efficienly by prospect, project or office and access information you need when you need it the most.


  • Address book
  • Products and services catalog
  • Logistics (RO, DO, stock)
  • Sales (purchases, quotations, invoices)
  • Finance (accounts, journal, reporting)
  • Assets tracking
  • Project management and follow-up
  • Project chatrooms
  • Human resources
  • Documents storage
  • Private Messages
  • Report drafting

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